• SINCE 1995


    With over 25 years of experience, Idealmaglia is an entrepreneurial reality strongly projected towards research, innovation and the development of knitted products. Our team is able to guide our partners from design to yarn selection, from prototyping to product production. Idealmaglia stands out on the global scene for its versatility and ability to manage every single project with attention and professionalism.


Technical office

The Team includes different professional figures specialized in the research, design and production of knit accessories dedicated to clothing, shoe uppers, furnishings, accessories or in any sector that requires the use of knit fabric. Innovative solutions for processing and raw materials make our company a production partner able to quickly meet the needs of its customers even in the most exclusive projects.

Graphics Office

Our graphic office is able to develop every request, from product photography to the development of a concept up to the creation of drafts, renderings and illustrations.

Weaving department

As a knitwear factory, our strong point is 14 gauge (38 machines), our experience is 18 gauge (16 machines).
2 machines SHIMA SEIKI NSSG 122 FC f18
4 machines SHIMA SEIKI SSG 122 FC f18
6 machines SHIMA SEIKI SIR 122 SV f14
5 machines SHIMA SEIKI SSG 122 SV f14
2 machines SHIMA SEIKI SRY 123 LP f14
24 machines SHIMA SEIKI SIR 122 SV f14

Checking and mending

We verify that our products are the best. Our quality control specialists analyze and verify at an early stage that the materials are compliant with the standards and suitable for making a product of excellent quality. To create valuable products, checks are also carried out during the production process , in order to guarantee the durability and wearability of the garment. After processing, the garments are checked one by one to ensure the highest quality of the product in every aspect.

Laser cut

With a large cutting plane we can laser a wide range of materials, from paper for patterns and templates, to thermoplastic materials for toe caps and buttresses for footwear up to cotton fabrics, uppers and leathers. There is nothing our laser can't cut.

Uppers laser cut

Heat press

With our 3-station rotating thermo-adhesive unit we can apply any type of transfer.

Laundry service

We know our garments thoroughly, the fineness of the yarns and the manufacturing techniques. This is why we provide our customers with a professional laundry service, thanks to which we guarantee optimal washing of the knitwear. We can provide you eco -compatible water fulling treatments and procedures .

Ironing department

Our ironing department takes particular care in this phase to obtain a round ironing, with a fresh and unpressed appearance, as well as an ironing to such an extent as to meet the standard required by the customer from every point of view .