Committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability. For Idealmaglia , respecting the environment is an essential value. Responsible interaction with the environment is essential to continue producing goods and services and at the same time safeguard the planet, making it available for future generations as well . For us, this means not only creating products that are perfect for our customers' needs, but doing it with the utmost respect for the environment and the communities that inhabit it. Therefore, since March 2020, 100% of the energy we use comes from certified renewable resources.

  • Sustainable fashion

    For the realization of the products, Idealmaglia is always looking for sustainable solutions. We work every day to protect the environment and for a more sustainable production process. Replacing petroleum-derived materials with natural ones and inventing alternative solutions that do not yet exist is one of our daily challenges. Innovation allows us to use a wide range of high quality, organic, biodegradable and recycled eco-friendly yarns.


To make travel between our offices more sustainable, IdealMaglia provides electric scooters to support company vehicles. Thanks to this simple expedient, in one year we save 200 tons of CO2 which is equivalent to 1500km traveled by a car.

  • Are you interested in sustainable production?

    We offer our customers sustainable products and solutions thanks to the use of yarns natural, biodegradable, recycled also with Amni® Soul Eco certification.

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